Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Death, w'ere is thy sting?

Room 2 MaxcilloDental Surgery Chamber:

They put me under observation in the P.G. Clinic (inside, room2) today. Many docs from first yrs to final yrs took a look into my mouth and asked all kinda questns again& again. Then the dept head came and he too began the lecture series...
an excerpt: “
DH: What are the resons for Clot Proliferation?
STUD1: I wonder.. hmm…
STUD2: Some Bleeding Disorder, sire? [ I’m like: hey man, whatz wrong with ur head? u r scaring me big-time.^&$#!!! ]
STUD3: Maybe some bone chip’s stuck into the artwork(!!) doc?
& it goes on and on…” (@@!!!)
After a few half-hrs, the procession finally left the room and I was advised to proceed to the “Isolation Room”. Now, though the name scars all its prospective occupants, this room is far better than all the previous ones- confortwise and facilities-wise. Its got twin-layered cushion ‘dental chairs’ and better positions.
Anyways, another “big-doc” came and said, ”Maybe U will need sutures.” [ I’m like: Why the heck? phew… u aren’t going to perform an operation at the same place, r u doc? ]. He continues: “No, its only a minor needle ‘n thread work :-O. It would be over very soon; relax”. Then 2 other docs (I infer they were so since they had doc coats on) came rolling on to assist. They said, the problem could be ‘cause;
1. I had kept the cotton swab in my mouth for too long the previous day. It had made the clot to drop down and prevent subsequent clotting,
2. Since the 24tooth was already RC treated, it held on better. In wrenching it off my jaw(!!), maybe the doc had “ruptured some tissue” (I hrd a mention of ‘Cretenoid Tissue/ Vein’ or something similar)
So, they cleared off the area, gave me 2injectns of local anesthesia on either side. It became swollen. Then the doc gives me 2strong blows in the area &asks: “Any pain?”. In panic, I replied “ophh.. ooffcurse”. Thus, I was awarded with 2more doses of the LA on the very same spot.
They cleaned the region, cranked on with my jawbones for sometime, and finally cleaned it and started stitching the place off(!!). I was then prescribed on 2antibiotics and a painkiller.
The drive bck home was equally nutty. Pa took a left nr SRMC and after 2.5kms v reached the poonemallee high rd, then took a turn into the Tambram ByPass Rd.
Incidentally, this toll road (Rs10 for cars/oneway-TMB) is neatly laid. Good bridges and excellent sidebeams and controlled 80+speed rock. However, later v took an early right onto Chrompet –RadhaNgr, 100ft rd(the pallavaram rd), the new Dr.Kamakshi Hospital, Velachery and on to TVM.
Now, bck at home, I feel much better already. Had 2cups of curd… and got fixed on with a Psmith Omnibus.

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