Thursday, May 12, 2005

Chennai's venthufying in the RED ROARING HEAT @!!!

The tar on the rd is meltin nowadays as the temperature in the metropolis roars into de fiery 40s.
Its been terribly hot for the last few days: dayb4yestrdy was 38'C, yestrdy was 42 and today's surely higher !!!!

Thus, its no surprise that in such conditions the roadside fruit juice and moore(read: buttermilk/ curd) vendors r doing brisk business. (i too had a shot at the musk-melon juice[besantngr-pro'gallery], and the papayas at Gemini gercle [green ckes+samos_geelyepe+bcl manyglss of h20..rmbr?]... &oo my.. were they refreshin' ;-)//)//

--niji yevum goopaneeyea--
dhl trackin

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Air Waybill Number

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Gainesville, FL - USA

Chennai (Madras) - India

Departed from DHL facility in London-Heathrow - UK

9318684012 - Detailed Report


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May 10, 2005


Gainesville, FL - USA

Shipment picked up
May 10, 2005


Gainesville, FL - USA%

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