Monday, May 09, 2005

my prison diary -one tooth behind//

Monday May9th 2005

Went to SRMC for my first tooth EXtrcn today. This tooth has already weathered an RCT (12/03). The crown broke off now, and its in bad shape. They advised removal. And, so started my tourney with room2. I was ushered into the Exodontic arena, where 2studs tried pullin it off. It didn’t budge and so a heftier doc was called in to help(!!). He used what seemed like a wrench to torture my tooth off.
however, the bleeding’s continuin and im getting worried. Didn’t have any food frm morning today. The visit to dentist truelys makes one so so sick.. phew.. I sympathize with Odgen Nash now. (pleasant nostalgic thoughts abt the play v performed in Rachana creep into my mind and ooze a little of the soreness off)//

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