Friday, April 22, 2005

Invest like ya mean it //

"I'm not entirely comfortable with one-liner market philosophies. Either they're fabled mantras like "buy low, sell high," or they're golden nuggets of ear candy -- from sharp mouths like Warren Buffett's or Benjamin Graham's -- that pack wit and substance but skimp on

The pursuit of the elusive bumper-sticker motto can drive one batty because stock advice is supposed to be malleable. Spooning out a universal elixir in concentrate form, as if some expansive deluge will bring uniform answers to all... well, it's no easy task. However, I think I've finally stumbled on a simple statement that will work if time is of the essence -- as if someone on the other side of the elevator door begs for that one morsel of market advice as the doors come together in the kiss that waves floors goodbye.
There are five words that I'm willing to lay my hat on. "

Invest like you mean it.

check out this article {by Rick Aristotle Munarriz }:


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