Sunday, January 03, 2010

NPR FRESHAIR - public radio top 10 lists

Nice top 10 lists on NPR radio: FRESH AIR

And it also made me think that at the end of the last decade came "The Matrix," and "The Matrix" sort of played on this sense that we all have that maybe reality isn't real, that maybe we're living in a vast simulacrum, and so much of the movies of the '90s, say, were about managing to break through into real life, break through from this illusory life into what is real and tactile.

And now we come to the end of this decade, and there's this wonderful movie out called "Avatar" in which it's only by going into this make-believe word a man can truly fulfill his potential, can rewrite history.

And I just thought it was really striking that we've come about-face, and now we sort of hunger for our virtual selves, our avatars to take on, you know, the final frontier, which is maybe in our own minds.

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