Monday, August 14, 2006

STS 115 - Atlantis, Aug27th 2006

STS-71 Space Shuttle Atlantis in front of Vehicle Assembly Building, Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

SpaceShuttle Atlantis is all set to take off from Pad 39B at Cape Canaveral, KSC on Aug 27th. The "everything but liftoff" dress rehersal for launch was completed successfully on Thursday.

STS-115 is the next space shuttle program mission and first to resume assembly of the International Space Station (ISS) following two "Return to Flight" test missions. NASA plans to complete the outpost with 15 increasingly complex flights before the shuttle's retirement in 2010.

The launch window is open from August 27, 2006 to September 13, 2006. This mission is also referred to as ISS-12A by the ISS program. The key mission objective is to deliver the second left-side truss segment (ITS P3/P4), a pair of solar arrays (2A and 4A), and batteries.

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