Saturday, July 08, 2006

sincity (2005)

a Sin-City spoiler:
High-octane, bloody, kick-ass affair. Visually stunning, with enough grit and hard-boiled dialogue to make Dashiell Hammett roll over in his grave. This film is split into three sub-stories: "The Hard Goodbye" is easily the best, "Big Fat Kill" slows things down a bit, and "That Yellow Bastard" is tragic and satisfying.
Though Sin City has been compared with the Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, Clockwork Orange genre -the comic to movie adaptation here is strikingly awesome. Particularly the coloring of certain scenes and the depth in characters projects this movie over the "normal" ones and takes it to the level of a classic hyper-noir. Truely, there can only be extreme reviews for this work. Either one must be disgusted and feel offended (the sheep in you), or like it and appreciate the brave crass' n class style. Whatever, it sure boasts of good performances from all the characters.
nice work. bravo team! bravo frnk miller!

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