Thursday, June 22, 2006

Need for Speed: Carbon Canyon

The next version of NFS is titled "Need for Speed: Carbon Canyon" [NFS 7] !! (rumored!!)

The punch line reads: "Your car, your team, your street...

Although it has yet to be officially announced, it was shown in EA's montage at Sony's E³ 2006 conference. EB Games have announced a provisional release date of November 1, 2006. The story and features of this game are unknown as of now. It is the first NFS game set to be released for the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii.

Weirdly, the name "Carbon" seems to have been chosen at a time when terms like carbon neutrality" and global warming are making big circles in the planning charts of the world's decision makers.

NFS Carbon Canyon

It is also evident that nighttime racing will make a welcome return to the series as some of the cars appear to have neon lights. This could mean that exotic cars may be featured in tuner races such as drift and drag and may have crazy customization similar to Underground.

NFS Carbon will be the 10th game in the series unless one counts "NFS 2 SE" as a separate game, then this would be the 11th game released.

NFS Carbon

The next edition is said to be titled Need for Speed "Carbon" apparently due to its setting within a popular racing spot titled "Carbon Canyon" in California. The game is expected to include elements of both the Need for Speed Underground games and last year's Need for Speed Most Wanted, where players must run from the cops all the while building their own crew to race with. Your crew will now have their own unique characteristics and capabilities will on the road, such as some being more violent and dirty racers will others will make use of others' vehicles to slipstream and gain an upper hand.

Relish a sample here:
NFS Carbon Canyon Trailer2

E3 high-res videos:

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