Thursday, October 06, 2005

gator gets a haircut!

Gator cuts!
Had my first hair-cut in the Uncle Sam's county today! six bucks on a student discount :) gr8 funny exprience..
the call rang thus: "2 on sides and scissors on top- ma'm!". The lady was of the iskcon clan;) and kept putting a 'hare krishna' chant whenever she dropped the comb or something. The saloon also had many pics of saree clad clanlings(!) roaming streets in supposedly Indian territory!
Had OS class at 10:40 though and so had to rush back! Also, got some good "upliftin" phinally dony advise from ssk's rommie when in the salon. Feeling much better now that the load on head has condensed.. to reveal astonishing facts. dome getting a chrome?. na.ney. !!?!! kisarhardgidentpare yo!

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chandrasekhar said...

dude...u could have put a pic to show off that tom-cruise hair cut of urs ///