Monday, August 29, 2005

Green Day rox MTV Video Music Awds '05 !!!

Rock was resplendent at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night, as the veteran punk group Green Day took home seven moonmen and newcomers The Killers and Fall Out Boy won one each.

Green Day, who arrived at the venue in the vintage green convertible from their gritty "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" video, won best rock video and video of the year for the clip — two of their leading eight nominations. They also won the viewer's choice award, best group and several technical categories, losing only to Gwen Stefani's "What You Waiting For?" for art direction.

Green Day rox MTV Video Awards 2005!!

In recent years, hip-hop and pop have dominated the show, especially in the major categories. Not this year: My Chemical Romance and Coldplay were among the showcase performances, and Kanye West was the only rapper to win an "all-genre" award, with his "Jesus Walks" taking best male video.

The Killers won for best new artist. Fall Out Boy won the MTV2 award for their song "Sugar, We're Going Down," beating out artists like Mike Jones, My Chemical Romance and reggaeton star Daddy Yankee.

But Pete Weintz of Fall Out Boy downplayed the "rock is resurgent" angle. His backstage taunt-mania: "Whatever is going to happen is going to happen organically," & "The return of rock doesn't mean anything else is going away."

Before the awards began, MTV dodged two major disasters — one from nature, the other from the barrel of a gun.

The annual bash was briefly overshadowed by Hurricane Katrina, which hit southern Florida on Thursday and killed several people. As the storm passed, a celebratory mood took over the city — until early Sunday morning, when rap mogul Suge Knight was targeted by gunfire at a Kanye West party.

Knight was shot in the leg and scheduled for surgery at a Miami hospital; his lawyers would not release his condition, which was not expected to be life-threatening.
MTV vowed that neither Katrina nor Suge would affect the ceremonies — and they didn't.
"The theme of tonight is, anything can happen," proclaimed host Diddy, whose entrance included dancers, pyrotechnics and a cascading waterfall — a spectacle that rivaled the show's actual performances.

Ludacris managed to turn his hedonistic "Pimpin' All Over the World" into a multicultural Mardi Gras-like extravaganza, complete with steel drummers, African dancers and, of course, around-the-way booty-shaking girls. Miami booty king Luke of 2 Live Crew fame brought a bevy of girls for his cameo appearance. But one of the biggest surprises was MC Hammer, recapturing some of his glory while shaking to his '90s hit, "U Can't Touch This."

Another flashback came in a tribute to Diddy's protege, the late Notorious B.I.G., featuring Diddy "conducting" a string orchestra as the legendary rapper's songs played. Snoop Dogg came out at the end and delivered a verse on the B.I.G. hit "Warning."
Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone" won two awards, for best female and pop video. Also winning two awards were Missy Elliott, the Gorillaz and Stefani. The evening's most inexplicable moment may have come from R. Kelly, who remains a chart-topper even during her trial days.

The much-hyped white carpet was one of one of the Diddy-designed elements of the show. Another was the "Diddy Fashion Challenge" — in which he vowed to give away $50,000 each to the charities of the best dressed female and male at the event, won by Snoop and Stefani.
Diddy himself was out of the running, though you wouldn't know it — he made three wardrobe changes in the first half-hour alone!

Watched some of it live, over at Aunrag's place along with Uncle(!!) Krishna(thnx for the ride machi!). Hope i'm not waving the red flag in front of the bull :P !!



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