Tuesday, June 28, 2005

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Generation Debt: The New Economics of Being Young

According to TIME, grad students are getting more &more ambitious and stake out much time, effort n money on getting superior education without due regard to responsilibities, security, home &commitment!

"Grad students have always resigned themselves to relative poverty in anticipation of a cushy, tenured payoff. But in the past decade, the rules of the game have changed. Budget pressures have spurred universities' increasing dependence on so-called "casual labor," which damages both the working conditions of graduate students and their job prospects. Over half of the classroom time at major universities is now logged by non-tenure-track teachers, both graduate teaching assistants—known as TAs—and adjuncts. "

“They’ve never had responsibility; they’ve been constantly reinforced for nearly nothing — everybody gets a trophy for the soccer team, whether they win, lose or draw. Because of this indulgence, they keep putting off responsibilities of adulthood.”

”While gaining a superior education will lead to greater lifetime earnings and job security eventually, in the meantime it prevents young adults from taking part in the workforce and establishing independence."

"Members of this group are delaying certain transitions like marriage, but the majority of them are productively engaged in seeking an education. They cannot be characterized as dudes surfing on the beach or slackers in the pop media with no reality.”

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Grow Up? Not So Fast

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