Sunday, January 16, 2005


You know how to play the cards. Your strategy is about to pay off.
Rest up and have some fun, because very soon you'll be asked to put in more (even more, that is) time at work. Not that you'll mind. You love what you do -- or is it what you're about to start doing?
You might have thought you'd be able to call it a night early, and have some nice, quiet fun with a party of two tonight, but you might just as well forget about that. The stars are livening up your friendships and all group activities, so one more wonderful offer to go out and play is due. Yes, you'll be up late talking, dancing and laughing tonight, one more time. No whining. Take a power nap.

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vivitsa said...

Got in here from Rathish's links..
Good to know so many BITSians blog..
plz visit and let us know thru a comment on the tag board with ur mail id if you want to be a part of it, shall be glad to have you on board :)