Friday, January 07, 2005

a tail-tag ...Windows 98 crashes on Gates

Published: April 20, 1998, 7:10 PM PDT CHICAGO

Computer mogul Bill Gates had a couple of his own run-ins with technology today as he kicked off a convention where Microsoft sought to impress with its most user-friendly new offerings.

It was awkward enough when the presenter had trouble getting his microphone to work ahead of Gates's keynote speech. But then Windows 98, Microsoft's updated version of its operating system software, crashed during the chief executive's presentation.

"While we're all very dependent on technology, it doesn't always work," Gates joked.

Gates was presenting his "Windows Principles"--of which Windows 98, to be released early this summer, is an example--at the spring Comdex convention here.

Windows 98 uses a browser to find everything from documents on an individual computer to Web sites on the Internet.


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