Tuesday, January 11, 2005

its time 2 root out the evil... yez.

Somtimes, it helps to put on da cap of a pessimist and take a voyage into the depths of dirt and sludge that unfortunately r a tough part of present_day India's society... maybe it works to find that little bit of comparitive sweetness from all the muck, mire and scuzz;

Letz begin with the cribbin issues 1st....
the sacred Sankaracharya is arrested... a ruthless CM goes all guns storming the sacred place of worship for the "so-called" majority community (a mere 3% of electoral voters in TN!!).... throws out 5lakhs of tax-payers' bucks into a victim's hands (for no reason, whatever)... (hey... if all murder victim's were to get such compensation, it wouldn't b time b4 someone finds it a good pastime or hobby... or even a career... hah.. professional mercenerism...
then the evidence is never shown... the acharya gets bail.. and simultaneously the junior acharya is taken for a tour of the Vellore Prison... (phew, must say,.. all prisons have bcum pious places ..what with our acharyas scaintifying them!!)... hey,.. where is the RSS??
then, there r 'work_less' (note this: these aren't "jobless"... they just spend more time chatting worthlessly...)public govn officials (like the ration depot men i fought with 2day:-(),.... then come the queues of Tsunami victims... who take anythin and everythin from the refugee camps b4 checkin what for they r?\!!!..
where is all this going to??!!! its fast time to breed dogs of war... subcutaneous germs that shall squinch on this filth and consume some of it.. thus bringin out more of the big-nelikkai flavor :/

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