Friday, December 03, 2004

Yahoo MAIL zooms to 250MB+ auto complete, MSN Spaces launched

Yahoo Mail has provided 250MB on its Int. ( accounts. {The servers haven't been upgraded yet, i guess.} + therz a cool new autocomplete address feature (like in gmail).

'n they go on to say...

"250MB Free Storage - Why keep everything in your head? With 250MB free storage you can hang on to practically every important email, attachment, and photo."

"Address AutoComplete - Your brain has better things to do than remember your friend’s email address. If it’s in your Yahoo! Address Book, type the first few letters, and we’ll do the rest."
The search facility has been enhanced too.

Enhanced Search - Even the strongest brains can’t remember where everything is. If you can’t find the email you’re looking for we’ll quickly find it for you.

Way to go, Yahoo!

MSN launched its blogger service yesterday.., called MSN Spaces. Its chill with many cool new features...

some comments:
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