Wednesday, December 15, 2004

News this week

Yo! 2nd week of dec month.
Thez week's been hectic,,,, lots of ppl and situations to grapple with... France's got world's highest and longest Bridge... its 1100ft(approx) high and stretches over 2.67km across the river in Milieu, France... truely an engineering mavel of cool extreme stature...AND, shankaracharya ji has applied for bail at Supreme Court after rejection for it at lower courts(S case).., new branch of Adyar Ananda Bavan opened at MGRd (near home) today(no9, 2b precise)... they r giving out 1/2 quantity sonpapidi for any wt of sweets bought!! voila!! Been to 1 rotten, horrible tamil movie 2day with clg folks... pretty decayed storyline.... music was good though...called Manmadhan ... it felt fretful, a truely ungluing, ghastly, vexing, and irascible xperience at Thyagaraja dirthouse.


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