Monday, December 27, 2004

Life goes on... as it always will

The 6.5TremorQuakes and resulting tidal waves have come and gone... Unlike the predictions, the 2nd level of quakes/ waves (after 6pm, since twas a Poournami yesterday) didn't lash out. Recovery efforts on. Sea water is receding along the Marina, albeit slowly.
Further in other developments,Anil Ambani has contributed 1cr towards Pm disasterReliefFund;;;; He goes on to declare war against Mukesh; questions RIL buyback;;; and Opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko on Monday claimed victory in Ukraine's fiercely contested presidential election, announcing the nation's entry into a new political era, showing America's upper hand in decision making everywhere-on land, in space &in earthlingz minds//;;;Andamans has been badly hit, they got 7-8 more tremors all thru the day yesterday.
And btw, i got my PC upgraded dby(!!due long time ago:*/)


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