Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Your intellect is already impressive. You don't have to dazzle them with vocabulary.
A clandestine affair could be offered to you now -- and whether it's subtly hinted at or quite brazenly stated, you'll be quite tempted to accept. But here's a thought: Why not wait a while? Wouldn't that make it even more exciting?
Catch up with people you haven't seen in a dog's age. Talk about old times and reveal big plans. It's not as if you suddenly have to put these friends at the top of your priority list. They're the type of social engagements that are great for your morale. Of course, it could go beyond that, too. Under the present cosmic conditions, the right conversation might provide you with the missing link, the lost chord or that elusive piece of the puzzle. Now that you're on this track, you intend to go the distance.

October27th 2004, Wednesday.

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