Monday, August 02, 2004

ya'h'ooed @!!!

Email is so limiting. Buy some beautiful paper and a nice pen. Write a letter.
It's not your imagination. There'll undoubtedly be a tone of urgency underlying all your encounters, whether a tete-a-tete, phone, email or fax is involved.
Plan to make a difference, and it's most certain that you will be able to do so. A common experience feels quite unique when it's happening to you. You are not usually terribly concerned with material possessions. Don't be too disturbed if you experience a shift in this area around this time; it just means that you are considering the future. That said, it's not a good time to go overboard with the credit card, so resist the urge to spend what you don't have. You'll be forced to think on your feet for the next few days. Recognize your limits while there is still time to plan around them.


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