Thursday, July 15, 2004

NIFT Chennai strikes back

The NIFT Campus in Chennai (on the Old Mahabalipuram Rd) is witnessing some heavy put_It_down incidents lately. It all started with some ragging complaints and suspension for some students;; that lead to heavy strike from the student community... saw that grp(a small mass of jobless earthlings) sitting out there today on my way back from clg./
Must say ppl have chosen a nice time to hartal./ Chennai has some real cool weather now and .. those ppl laze out there in front of NIFT ... watching the buses ply by... the sparrows twitter.. the grasshoppers chirp... the cow cross the street...

Moral: plan_everythng_timely,

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

bloody shit u just pass by and jump into conclusions that ppl r lazing well moron if u had been in the campus and seen the problems the student are facing i wonder wht u would do......... looking at the way u write probably suck up to the driector for a good name!!!!!! next time u pass by please look at the road instead of the grasshoppers or were u looking for some girls which all the other college guys do when the pass day u might jus have an accident so look at the road and drive !!!!!!!!