Friday, July 16, 2004

Google Buys Picassa

Google just bet on photo sharing by acquiring Picassa. Blogger integrated their Hello service at the time they did their re-design, so they have been working together for a couple of months now.

The acquisition makes sense:;;

Photos are inherently social, people use them to tell stories and share experiences

Photoblogs and Moblogs are the fastest growing segments of consumer blogging right now

Camera phones will outpace the sales of cameras and phones combined within five years

Partnering with a printing provider like ofoto provides a direct and immeadiate revenue stream

Picassa gives them a client to ease upload and provide organization

It gives Google a new area of expertise and technology beyond Images

Blogspace just got richer, as in social media. Keep in mind that Picassa on its own isn't social software (especially compared to Flickr), but in combination with Blogger it can be.

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Ross said...

If you are going to copy someone's post and post it as your own, you should make it visibly distinct from something you would write and credit the author.