Friday, June 04, 2004

McDonald's offers digital music... yummy @!!!

Fast food giant McDonald's is to give away free music downloads after teaming up with Sony's music service Connect.

The chain will let customers access one free song from the Connect online music service for every promotional Big Mac meal purchased.
McDonalds is having to find new ways to attract customers
The scheme is launched in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico this month, and in France, Germany and the UK in July.

The promotion comes after government warnings in the US and UK about rising obesity levels linked to junk food.

The UK government is facing calls to ban junk food ads in the UK in an effort to tackle rising rates of obesity.

A report for the Food Standards Agency, published in September, concluded that there was a link between advertising and children's diets.

Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell has asked the television regulator Ofcom to investigate.

Sony's Connect download service was launched in the US in May, offering more than 500,000 tracks for sale.

"Music continues to be at the forefront of our leadership marketing strategy," said McDonald's marketing chief Larry Light.

Singer Justin Timberlake is set to promote the Big Mac Meal Tracks offer in a television advertising campaign.

Justin Timberlake will advertise McDonald's music promotion

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