Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I am surprised at ...

There occurred some things in the past few days that
aroused my
curiosity to a great extent.

Primarily, I am surprised at what differences
small gestures can
make to one's attitude.
Though abstract, it binds ppl to rem later
i guess...
I am surprised at the way many ppl just lead
their lives as 'it'
takes them./... frankly, the bonds of a strong society can take
one out of his introspective nature and put him into a
event-cycle wherein one just takes the go and goes...
I am surprised at the way 'WATER procurement' makes the govt,
citizens and others to spend resources at Chennai. What the
Metro water lorry habit is bringing is nothing new here i
guess, but/.//// for how long.... hope the new veeranam
project brings the handpump to life again///....
I am surprised at the way the TN govt is giving sops to
all sections of the populus... jus hope it doesn't lead
to treasury melting away.////....

itz time to step away from the beaten track....
and the heat....

vendrudi: chill stuff here;;;;

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