Sunday, June 27, 2004

heat ... heat... the glaring heat @!!!

Drove to Thiruporur with pop and got burnt in the terrible heat... the OldMRd is devoid of trees... was surprised that i had been picnicking(@!!!) alongside for the past 3 yrs....
At T,the pond in front of the temple is in good condition,though... pop wanted me to take a dip...refusal followed... what with the new Olympic style swimming pool in Velachery.... clorinated water+temp control+purifier compared to this mossy+soapy went 1/4 wayinto the tetank only.. visited siruseri grnds and had aavin kulfiz and returned... Met RDR and had long talks... got to c vinod at HotChips.///hez changed a lot...///heard he called up many teams b4 my trip to cbt...

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